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Dietpower computer diet software for diet management

The HealthFit Calorie Counter

The HealthFit calorie counter has 2300 Food items pre-programmed in memory.

The HealthFit calorie counter has 400 open locations so you can add your favorite foods.

Set your own personal goals in any or all the nutritional categories, calories, fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates, sugar, sodium, fiber and protein.

The HealthFit calorie counter comes with HotSync Software for your desktop computer, cable link your HealthFit calorie counter to your desktop pc.

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Dietpower Software

You can use diet software to help manage any diet or weight loss program on your PC.

DietPower is the only diet software that can guarantee success by revealing what makes you different, and it runs on your PC.

It’s not a diet, but a precision tool you can use by itself or as the “brains” of any program, including Atkins, eDiets, Jenny Craig, Herbalife, Nutri/System, Slim-Fast, Somersizing, Weight Watchers, and more.

Using your computer and Dietpower diet software you are able to analyze, manage and evaluate a diet and weight loss plan.

Dietpower PC software allows you to plan your diet, set your goals and then track your progress.

As you continue to diet the computer diet software will evaluate your progress and offer advice to help you achieve your goal.

DietPower is the world’s most powerful and easy-to-use nutrition computer software, designed to help balance your diet, conquer nutrition-related disease, and master any weight problem permanently without giving up favorite foods.

Dietpower monitors your balance of 33 different nutrients, analyzes recipes, tracks calories burned in exercise, and shows nutrients in 8,500 foods.


The trial version of Dietpower is identical to the full PC version, no features are disabled.

The computer diet software can be downloaded, so no waiting for a CD to arrive.

DietPower diet Software

Because DietPower “learns” your body, your metabolic rate and eating habits, it’s also the only diet PC software program whose results are guaranteed.

You can try Dietpower diet software free for 15 days, if you wish to continue using the software after that time it is only necessary to purchase the code to unlock the software, 
Dietpower turns your computer into a personal trainer that helps you lose weight, get in shape, and balance your diet.

Dietpower also gives you personalized advice and includes a handy calendar and diary.

Endorsed by top nutrition and fitness experts, this computer program for the PC has won rave reviews from leading magazines and Web Sites.

The only diet software that “learns” your metabolism – CLICK HERE for more information on dietpower diet software