Diet Tips

If you are planning on dieting, then the following may help you achieve your goal.

If you are losing weight by dieting and your daily calorie consumption drops below around 1,000 calories, your body will slow itself down to conserve calories, it doesn’t realize the calorie drop is intentional, but thinks it is in a starvation situation.
To ensure your metabolism carries on working at it’s normal rate do a little bit of exercise each day. This does not mean you need to go jogging or cycling, just keep yourself active and walk a little more.
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There is the thought that eating late at night is bad for you. You can eat meals late at night. The problem is not eating late at night, it is the type of snacks that people generally eat at this time that is the problem, most snacks are high in fat and calories. Eat low calorie low carbohydrate nutrition snacks instead.

You can snack while dieting. Instead of dividing your daily calorie intake between three meals. Divide it between 3 meals and several snacks. It means slightly smaller meals but you can then still enjoy snacks in between, you don’t have to change all your habits just because you are on a diet. Synergy Diet have a large range of healthy meals and snacks available that will allow you to eat tasty, healthy meals and snack while you are on your diet.

Eat a healthy breakfast. Many breakfasts consist of toast with jelly, bagels, Danish etc. These are all high carbohydrate foods and are out of your system within half an hour, and you feel the need to eat again. Eating a breakfast that has some protein and a little fat will stay in your system longer, avoiding the craving to eat again so soon after breakfast.

Fat free foods are not low calorie foods. Many fat free foods can have just as many calories as the full fat version. This is because some fat free foods make up for the loss of taste with extra sugars and other ingredients. If you are on a calorie controlled diet, then check the calorie content of food as well as it’s fat levels.